Opening Your Pool

Start Your Pool Off Right

Follow these simple steps to open your pool properly and get ready to swim!


1. Remove Pool Cover

(New Pools can skip this step.) If your pool has a solid cover, drain off the water.  Don’t let the standing water get into the pool.  Sweep off the cover and then clean it to prevent sticking and unpleasant odors.  Once the cover has been cleaned, store it in a dry place that’s free of debris and protected from the sun and outside elements.


2. Fill Pool

Fill the pool to the middle of the skimmer opening for proper circulation.


3. Check Your Equipment

Make sure everything is clean and in working order, including the pump, skimmer, heater and filter.  Start the circulation system, and remove debris from the pool.  Check the diving board, slide and stairs for wear, looseness or corrosion.  Also pay close attention to your filter; it’s a very important part of your pool’s maintenance program.  If it’s not working properly, neither will the products you add.  Follow care instructions as recommended by the filter manufacturer.


4. Clean Surfaces

Give your pool a good brushing and vacuuming, and skim the top for debris. (If your pool is newly plastered, wait several weeks before vacuuming.)


5. Test And Balance Water

If you decide to test the pool water yourself, check the free chlorine or total bromine residuals and pH levels.  When your pool water test indicates a free chlorine reading of 1 - 3 ppm and a pH of 7.2 - 7.6, you’re ready to swim! (Ideal range for pH is 7.4 - 7.6.)  Pools sanitized with brominating products should maintain a bromine level of 1 - 3 ppm.  Maintain the total alkalinity between 125 - 150 ppm.


6. Add OMNI Products

Shock your pool with OMNI Breakout Extra® or Breakout 35® to remove organic contaminants and make the water sparkle.  Add OMNI Algae Preventative or Algae Terminator to prevent, control or kill algae.


7. Begin Regular Maintenance Program

Now you should be ready to swim!  And it’s also time to start your regular maintenance program.