Maintaining Your Pool

Sanitize, Shock And Prevent Algae As Part Of Your Plan

You need to do several things to maintain a beautiful pool.  But it’s not terribly time-consuming if you perform these tasks on a regular basis.

Sanitize the Water

Add OMNI® stabilized chlorinating products to sanitize your pool water and kill bacteria 24 hours a day.  Stabilized chlorinating products are protected from removal by sunlight and are a great way to keep your pool clear and inviting.  They’re available in a variety of convenient forms including sticks, tablets, and granules.  Keep your free chlorine level at 1 – 3 ppm at all times.

Shock Regularly

Shocking is another important step because it removes undesirable compounds – like suntan lotion, perspiration, make-up, body oil and urine – from the pool water.  For super clear water, add Breakout® Total  once a week or as needed.  More frequent shocking is needed after rain storms, heavy bather load, or exceptionally hot weather.

Prevent Algae

An ounce of prevention is definitely worth a pound of cure when it comes to algae.  Applying Omni Algae Terminator™ or Algae Preventative once a week should eliminate outbreaks of these unwanted microscopic plants.  Preventing algae before it starts is another great reason for regular maintenance.