Cloudy Water

Note: Clear water is essential to the safety and health of the bathers. Cloudy water can impair visibility of the pool's safety equipment and other bathers in the water. This creates a potentially hazardous situation.

PROBLEM: Unable to see the bottom of the pool. Water lacks sparkle, appears dull and flat.

SOLUTION: Most cloudy water problems are related to poor filtration. Operate filter at least 10 hours per day continuously until water clears.

PROBLEM: Weak flow from return inlets, poor-to-no surface activity, frequent backwash cycles, inadequate filtration due to dirty filter media (sand, D.E., cartridge)

SOLUTION: Filter should be cleaned twice each season to remove dirt and oil build up.

PROBLEM: High pH (over 7.6) and high level of total alkalinity (over 200 ppm).

SOLUTION: Ideally adjust pH to 7.4 to 7.6 with OMNI pH Decreaser. (A range of 7.2 to 7.6 is acceptable.) 

PROBLEM: Build-up of organic contamination that causes dull-looking water.

SOLUTION: Oxidize contaminents with Breakout® Total. Follow label directions.

PROBLEM: Sanitizer (chlorine) level is below 1.0 ppm.

SOLUTION: Add  OMNI Stabilized Chlorinating Stix, tablets, or granular chlorinating sanitizer.

PROBLEM: Difficulty in maintainng 1.0 - 3.0 ppm free chlorine residual.

SOLUTION: Increase amount of OMNI Stabilized Chlorinating Stix, tablets, or granular chlorinating products. Increase flow rate through your chlorinator and/or circulation time on pump.

PROBLEM: Early stages of algae infestation, slick or slimy walls, black spots on walls or floor, mustard-colored dust in areas of poor circulation.

SOLUTION: Refer to the Algae Troubleshooting section of this website.