Closing Your Pool

Get Ready for the Off-Season

When the temperature drops you need to prepare your pool for the winter months.  Depending on where you live, you may close your pool completely or just use it occasionally.  Either way, you want to winterize your pool properly so spring start-up is less time and money-consuming.  Winter Care winterizing products are designed to keep pool water clear and trouble-free throughout the off-season.


Closing for cold climates

  • Balance the water.  Test pH, total alkalinity, water hardness and adjust as needed.
  • Run the filter for 24-48 hours
  • Clean Up.  Vacuum and brush your pool.  Clean out the skimmer baskets and traps.
  • Prepare equipment.  Following manufacturers’ instructions, lower the water level; shut off the filter pump; drain the pump, filter, heater, hoses and all other applicable equipment; and store.  Where necessary, use an anti-freeze formulated for pools.
  • Remove floater.  The use of a floating cartridge while your pool is covered can result in damage to your vinyl liner.
  • Add Winter Care Winter Shock for long-term winter protection.
  • Add Winter Care Winter Algaecide to prevent algae growth.
  • Replace cover.  Covering your pool keeps unwanted debris from getting into it, plus it also keeps valuable chemicals from getting out.  A good cover will save many hours when it’s time to open your pool next season.


Closing for warm climates

  • Cut down maintenance.  Keep balancing the water, chlorinating and shocking – but do it about half as often.
  • Reduce the filter running time by about half.
  • Consider a cover.  Even though you live where it’s warm, there may still be weeks at a time when your pool isn’t being used.  A cover will save work by keeping debris out and helping you conserve pool chemicals.  If you decide to use a cover, remember to remove the floater to prevent damage to your vinyl liner.  Then shock your pool per label directions.