Chlorine Demand

Chlorine Demand: The inability to maintain a free chlorine residual in the pool water.


PROBLEM: Continuous addition of free chlorine fails to raise sanitizer level in pool water. Test kit reading shows low-to-no sanitizer level.

SOLUTION: Make sure filter runs for a minimal of 10 hours per day, longer in hot weather and heavy bather loads. Make certain test reagents are fresh and unspoiled. Check for inadequate product levels in skimmer, floater or chlorinator. Make sure chlorinator tubing is free from obstructions.


PROBLEM: Algae presence.

SOLUTION: Algae growth will cause a drastic increase in chlorine consumption. If algae is present, refer to the Algae portion of this guide and use products such as Algae Terminator.


PROBLEM: Undetectable organic contamination, i.e., improperly applied fertilizers, pollens, migrating birds.


  1. 1. Shock the pool with 1 lb. of Breakout Total per 10,000 gallons.
  2. 2. Circulate the water continuously. Three hours after adding product, test the water for chlorine. If it is not greater than 3 ppm, repeat step one.
  3. 3. Continue shocking and retesting every three to four hours until you can maintain a 3 ppm free chlorine reading for 24 hours.
  4. 4. After satisfying the demand, clean the filter with Omni Filter & Cartridge Cleaner. Chlorine Demand can be an indication of organic or inorganic buildup in the pool. The demand procedure will oxidize materials in the water and allow them to be filtered out. Omni Filter & Cartridge Cleaner will remove buildup from the filter.