Note:  A severe infestation of green floating algae will cloud the water, making it difficult to see other bathers or the bottom of the pool thus creating a potentially hazardous situation.

PROBLEM: Green floating algae begins growing on the walls and floor of the pool, spreads rapidly, especially in the presence of sunlight.

SOLUTION: Adjust the pH to 7.4.  Use Algae Terminator and carefully follow use directions, especially dosage levels.

PROBLEM:: Black or spot algae first appears as small specks on the pool’s surface hen rapidly grows to larger areas.  Strongly clings to walls and floor.  Can be difficult to treat.

SOLUTION: Adjust pH to 7.4.  Depending on pool’s surface, vigorously brush spots with appropriate brush and treat with Algae Terminator as soon as algae is detected.  Re-treatment may be necessary.

PROBLEM:: Mustard algae, named for its yellowish-tan color.  Easily brushed off surfaces but quickly returns.  It prefers shady areas with poor circulation.  Resists normal chlorinating treatments.

SOLUTION: Correction will include brushing and the use of OMNI Algae Terminator.